Teaching the “Youngins” to Play Guitar

My first experience teaching was to the young kids in the neighborhood. A bunch of families have seen me play guitar at a couple of parties and thought I was “pretty darn good.” I was approach by one father who asked me if I gave lessons or could suggest anyone to give lessons to his son. Of course at the time, I knew nothing about giving lessons so I told him a could place to get lessons. I was then asked by a couple of more families if I gave lessons because they wanted their child to learn to play.

That’s when it hit me. I already wanted to teach the gift of music, but didn’t know how. So, after being approach by multiple families about giving lessons I went and did my research. I did hours, days, weeks, months worth of research and testing to develop a lesson plan. I agreed to give some kids in the neighborhood free lessons in order to test my lesson plan and to develop it.

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It all started with my guitar teacher..

I knew I wanted to become a music instructor after taking guitars lesson with my first guitar instructor.  His name was Don and he was the best guitar player I have ever seen live. He could play ever song perfect. It’s like he wasn’t human. A true Guitar God.

Don made learning the guitar so much fun. He gave me enough encouragement to keep learning. There were many breaking points where I wanted to quit playing guitar because I thought it wasn’t for me. He would make challenging tasks that took awhile for me to learn seem like I mastered it in minutes. He broke up the lessons so it felt like every lesson was something different, while actually getting better at the other lessons I needed to practice.

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Teaching the gift of music will last a lifetime